Bardasz is an oilfield technology solutions provider that helps operators identify and solve operational inefficiencies. We are a team of energy experts with combined experience of more than 100 years in the global oil and gas industry; we understand what is important to operators, from Health Safety and Environment to the bottom line. We are committed to providing customized solutions that deliver quantifiable value for our customers. Our expertise is helping operators find and solve inefficiencies in the following:

Oilfield Data Reporting & Exploitation

Helping operators discover hidden value in their data and deliver clear-cut reports for quick and improved decision making

Production & Facilities Design

We develop technically and economically optimized solutions for upstream production processing

Water & Waste Management

We provide cost effective solutions for managing produced and other oilfield waste waters as well as solid waste management

Drilling Technology Consulting

Surface logging, downhole drilling and completion tools selection and specifications consulting

Why Bardasz?

Most companies approach operators to sell their products and/or services.

Bardasz comes in and works with to you understand your specific challenges as it relates to Production Facilities Design, Drilling Technology Consulting, Water & Waste Management, and Oilfield Data Reporting and Exploitation and then designs a fit-for-purpose solution that delivers real value.

We are a boutique firm, laser focused on the markets we serve and able to react quickly to our customer’s needs.


All aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry are data intensive and most operators are challenged with understanding and extracting their data’s true value. Data experts know how to do data mining, management and analytics but lack the in-depth knowledge in specific industry disciplines to derive the full value. The result of this problem is spending unnecessary capital on solving periodic issues when there is a better and more economical solution that solves real issues, long-term.

Bardasz’s experienced team understands specific upstream disciplines as well as the life-cycle of your data – collection, management, interpretation, etc. Using a holistic approach, we help you understand the root cause of your challenge. We work with you to identify inefficiencies and design a solution that will deliver short and long-term results and more importantly solve long-term issues.  We work with you to evaluate alternatives and select the best solution utilizing and maximizing the value of your data, delivering quantifiable operational results.

We assist our customers in solving inefficiencies in drilling, production facilities, process engineering, water & waste processing, and oilfield data management. When you hire Bardasz, you get the right expert from our management team to lead and manage your project.

Our Team

Our values


intigrity Integrity

respect Respect

hard-work Hard Work

The Bardasz Business Conduct & Anti-Bribery Policy helps everyone at Bardasz to act in line with these values.

At Bardasz, we go beyond providing solutions to being a trusted partner focused on helping you achieve your specific goals.