Alejandro López

Head of DevOps

About Team Merber: Alejandro López

As DevOps at Bardasz, Alejandro is responsible for evaluating the Company’s software, driving new developments to optimize drilling operations, as well as coordinating training for the use of Bardasz products.

He has 11 years of experience in technology, WITSML, software development, and real-time visualization.

Alejandro began his career in 2011 in the Oil industry as a real-time specialist. The following year, he was promoted to the Development team, where he received training in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia in WITSML technologies. Included in his responsibilities were the correct validation of the software and communication between Operations and the development team in Mexico, Houston, India, and Indonesia, as well as keeping the software infrastructure working properly.

A computer systems engineer, Alejandro graduated from the Technological Institute of Villahermosa where he specialized in software development.