Luis Octavio

Senior Business Advisor

About Team Merber: Luis Octavio

Senior Business Advisor at Bardasz, Luis Octavio has 35 years of experience in Pemex and private Industry in México in upstream Oil & Gas operations onshore and offshore, wells operations, in different stages development wells,

drilling, casing cementing, completions design, perforating designs, workover operations, isolating water flow and depleted zones in wells with cement and artificial plugs, design stimulation operations, stimulations with coiled tubing, hydraulic fracturing, artificial lift systems, and secondary/tertiary recovery, reservoir analysis, and shut-in wells study and analysis, proposal of workover operations and chemical products injection in wells with low production rates.

Luis Octavio began his with career with Pemex south region for 16 years in different areas, reservoirs, production, planning, and subdirector assistant. In 2000, he moved to Pemex North Region where he worked for 19 years as Asset Manager and Planning Manager. He has also worked in Private Industry as an advisor in well chemical products injection.

Luis Octavio has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as well as an MBA in ITESM from México City Campus. He is a partner of AIPM, CIPM, SPE and he has participated in several technical conferences in México, E.E. U.U., Central America, Europe, and Asia.