Maritza Hernandez

Mexico Operations Manager

About Team Merber: Maritza Hernandez

Maritza holds the position of Operations Manager and Leader on the BKL at Bardasz, where she participates in strategic exploration and fields development projects. Maritza has 15 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and has worked for large national and transnational companies as a drilling monitoring engineer and geological control.

In her role, Maritza accurately provides an exhaustive analysis of operations to mitigate the associated risks that lead to unscheduled operating costs, while promoting the integration of work teams to make timely decisions. Under her leadership, she proactively focuses on exceeding objectives by promoting new technology initiatives with a real-time focus on the oil market.

A Geosciences Engineer, Maritza graduated from the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero (ITCM) where she specialized in the exploration of subsurface resources.