Pablo Pérez


About Team Merber: Pablo Pérez

As President and CEO of Bardasz, Pablo is responsible for the Company’s leadership, commercial strategy, and business development. He brings 20 years of successful experience in upstream oil and gas technology, operations, data management products, services, and markets to the Company.

Pablo began his career as Software Developer with PDVSA. In 2002, he joined an oilfield service company and held a range of roles over his 12-year tenure. In 2012 he became Chief Marketing Officer for an oilfield service company where he led the company through a re-brand and global marketing campaign to increase the company’s visibility.

Passionate about technology and connecting it to the commercial marketplace, Pablo offers global connections and multi-cultural skills. His specialties are business intelligence, strategic marketing, operations, and quality-conscious, cost-effective business management.

Pablo earned a BSc in Systems Engineering from the Metropolitana University of Caracas, Venezuela.

Since January 1st, 2022, he sits on the board of directors of The Energistics Consortium Inc., now an affiliate organization of The Open Group /OSDU Forum.