To empower the energy industry globally to make the best and smartest use of their data through digital transformation in order to maximize operational efficiency and productivity, minimize risk, and reduce costs. We will become world-renowned as a leading solutions provider in data management, analytics, monitoring, visualization, and automation for the energy industry.

The mission of Bardasz is to maximize the value of the data by providing a unique digital experience to the energy industry. We will accomplish this by leveraging WITSML and OSDU data standards through our suite of Octopus software and the Bardasz Knowledge Lab team of multidisciplinary experts to convert data into knowledge. We seek to develop effective, creative, and adaptive software solutions for the energy industry. Our passion to deliver value that not only meets but exceeds our internal and external client's expectations is what drives us to take on industry challenges that yield the highest returns on investment for our customers and partners.

Points of Culture


I do the right thing and what is best for customers, employees, and partners. I am guided by Bardasz’s core principles of honesty and responsibility to ourselves, family, company, and community.

About our culture: values


I have respect and courtesy in the workplace and every other person I come in contact with every time regardless of circumstance. I embrace openness, honesty, and mutual respect to provide Bardasz employees and the community with a safe and healthy work environment.

About our culture: values


I am consistent in my actions, task execution, and responsibilities so Bardasz clients and partners feel comfortable conducting business with Bardasz now and in the future.

About our culture: values


I strive for excellence in everything I do, and never settle for the status quo.
Rather I strive and expect to break records of achieving unprecedented
results. I am encouraged to take initiative and be creative in order to achieve and surpass my goals.

About our culture: values


I value openness and free thinking in our work environment. All staff
regardless of role or position are not only encouraged but expected to
actively participate in the innovation process with ideas, feedback, research, suggestions, etc. There is no idea too big or seemingly crazy and no contribution too small. Innovation through creative thought and risk taking got Bardasz this far and will carry the company forward into the future.

About our culture: values
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