Bardasz is proud to announce CEO Pablo Pérez taking the lead and breaking new territory in the Oil and Gas industry’s drilling technology sector through Bardasz’s recent agreement with RigNet to offer their Intelie Live AI solutions. In this video, Bardasz CEO Pablo Pérez reveals the passion behind his decisions, and visually shares how Bardasz, working with RigNet, is a breakthrough for Oil and Gas companies throughout Mexico who form business relationships with Bardasz. The journey for Bardasz to arrive at this remarkable partnership has been both intense and gratifying. Belief, service, passion and commitment will continue to be key drivers in the success of this and future ventures. To learn more about our values watch this video:



This relationship is, “a breakthrough, as it brings the ultimate enhancement of real-time data support to our customer solutions portfolio, so we can serve our clients at the highest level. It comes with a one-in-a-million opportunity to be the pioneer who provides machine learning technology to Pemex Exploration and Production during a time in which the Mexican Government is investing prioritized resources to bring Pemex production to 2.4 mbpd by 2025. Technology is a key component to achieve this goal, and we will be one of the key difference-makers and foundational support systems for our customers during this pivotal time of the Pemex digital transformation and digitalization movement,” says Bardasz CEO, Pablo Pérez.

“RigNet is excited to join with Bardasz, one of the region’s top oilfield data-driven technology solutions providers. Bardasz recognizes how powerful and robust a solution Intelie Live is, and will provide best-in-class machine learning-based predictive analytics to their customers in Mexico through this offering,” says Intelie CEO, Lelio Souza.

“This agreement with Bardasz is indicative of the demand for Intelie’s solutions in the Energy sector. With Bardasz’s digital capabilities and focus, we expect a successful, productive relationship,” says Steven Picket, CEO of RigNet.

Bardasz and RigNet have come together to build a unique, unprecedented offering to Mexico’s Oil & Gas markets by integrating top of the line technology with first-class managed solutions and support—an anomaly that just can’t be delivered by technology alone—in order to bring their customers what they have been searching for a long time. “The Intelie suite of AI solutions aligns perfectly with Bardasz’s vision, and enables us to deliver our promise, ‘solutions beyond technology,’ with AI advanced solutions to our customers,” says Bardasz CEO, Pablo Pérez.

Bardasz CEO Pablo Pérez has over 23 years of experience in technology, operations, and data management solutions in the Oil and Gas exploration and production sector, which has been brought into the very fabric of the Bardasz culture, since its inception in 2014. For media or sales inquiries, please email