Lead Frontend Engineer

Position Overview

Job Description

The role of a Lead Frontend Engineer involves development, leading and managing the development of our UI applications. This position requires strong technical expertise in languages like JavaScript and TypeScript, along with a deep understanding of efficient UI visualization. The Lead Frontend Engineer provides technical guidance to a team, contributes to architectural decisions, and leads the development and enhancement of Web Applications. They ensure code quality, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and drive innovation and continuous improvement. This role requires effective communication, stakeholder management, and a passion for delivering a high-quality high-performing web application.


• Collaborating frequently with the management to provide UI solutions and assistance

• Will be responsible to choose right set of client-side frameworks, libraries, models of interaction with the servers, layouts, caching, responsive UI that can be easily viewed on a variety of devices and form factors, etc. The primary concern should also be security and to minimize the vulnerabilities to attack

• Responsible for creating highly scalable, flexible, and resilient architectures that address customer business problems and accelerate the adoption of best practices

• Providing technical expertise for every phase of the project lifecycle; from concept development to solution design, implementation, optimization and support

• Well-versed with JavaScript libraries and have a clear point of view and able to recommend the right solutions

• Establish the governance, best practices, and frameworks for UI related technologies

• Ideate and design innovative solutions using the latest UI design concepts and principles

• Proficient in articulating the pros and cons of using a certain technology stack or component or design pattern versus another and drives selection of technologies, designs to come up with the optimal architecture

• Drives the performance tuning, re-design and re-factoring for a module

• Contributes to designing and implementing the build, release process as well as system configuration and deployment characteristics of the application

• Implements (hands-on) the module components based on prevailing Framework and Open-source standards & best practices

• Mentors the team (people working on the module and other project team members) on technology concepts and best practices for design, implementation, and other processes

• Work with the project team and be actively involved in all aspects of the work

• Design a highly flexible and reusable architecture

• Leading and mentoring junior developers through projects

Qualifications (Must have)

• 7+ years of IT experience in web application development

• Owns the end-to-end technical implementation through different stages of its life cycle

• Hands-on experience with designing and implementation of the full web architecture, including layers in React, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and other JavaScript frameworks

• Expertise in Modern MVC, Micro Front-End Architecture and Microservices based Architecture and Design

• Hands on experience on React is mandatory

• Expertise in Java Script, Typescript, HTML 5, CSS

• Expertise in RESTful services

• Expertise in modern front-end development workflow tools and build tools like Webpack, Gulp, etc

• Should mentor and guide junior members in the practice and create a conducive environment for others to grow technically

• Should ensure quality in hiring external candidates for technical roles

• Strong in software development process, test driven development

• Strong OO design skills/implementation of design patterns

• Strong experience with Build and Release, Systems Integration, Agile, Estimations/Planning

• Strong experience in web standards, accessibility

• Experience working with distributed Agile teams and Devops Principles of CI, CD

• Strong analytical and debugging skills

• Self-Driven attitude

• Ability to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions to teams

Qualifications (Preferred)

• Experience in Web Assembly

• Experience in building Grafana plugins

• Experience or knowledge in Rust

• Experience with Docker Containers

• Experience in building real-time web applications where performance is key

• Experience in working with Web Sockets