Drilling efficiency is based on the optimization of each drilling stage. This optimization is achieved through the application of appropriate technologies and tools for each stage of the drilling process. Drilling data is critical to drilling efficiency. It is imperative that your data is accurate and readily available for increased recovery and profitability. You are relying on your data; you need to make sure your data is reliable.

Data quality begins with your data acquisition approach. We assess your data acquisition tools and measurement techniques and based on those findings, we will make recommendations for adjustments or new measurement tools that will help you increase data reliability and ultimately help you achieve your business goals. We have a deep knowledge of downhole measurement techniques, therefore take a holistic approach to analyze operational deficiencies and make appropriate recommendations; reliable output is your main driver and ours.

Surface logging and downhole tools consulting and selection

Using experience and proven methods, we will assess how you record and transmit surface and downhole logging data and make recommendations for adjustments or alternative technology and/or tools.

Advisory services

We will work with you to understand your goals as well as your challenges, assess operations, make recommendations and partner with you to implement a fit-for-purpose solution

Proprietary survey solution

Using advanced technology, Digital Wellbore Trajectory survey delivers detailed wellbore surveying capability, at a fraction of the cost and time as traditional surveying tools.