Insight | February 10, 2022

Bardasz transforms data into knowledge

Pablo Pérez

President & CEO of Bardasz

Bardasz is a pioneer in real time technology solutions for the control of drilling and completion operations. Its objective is focused on supporting operators and service companies in increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, optimizing resources and minimizing risks.

Bardasz provides remote operations monitoring services in real time, for field and office work; similarly, it develops technology and actively contributes to the drilling data standards development community, WITSML and OSDU, so the information flows with opportunity and reliability. The company increases the probability of success in the intervention of drilling, and increases the production levels of its clients through the use of information technologies, advanced analytical algorithms and engineering.

The pandemic allowed Bardasz to consolidate and establish the necessary mechanisms to give more importance to the management and control of remote operations. For the president of the company, a monitoring center must be an ecosystem that manages to concentrate expert knowledge in the same physical space, beyond the geographical location of its members. Although the experts work on site or remotely, the objective of a real-time monitoring center, known as an RTO, is to be used to consolidate the specialized knowledge of different disciplines in decision-making.


Bardasz transparently integrates proprietary technology with that of third parties, however the pandemic accelerated the process of launching its own technology focused on controlling the flow of information from the point of acquisition to its consumption. “Every day we accumulate more data, which generates challenges related to how to consume and take advantage of it, so it is essential to develop and integrate the necessary applications to convert that information into knowledge: we have created a vertebral column for data flow control, from acquisition to advanced analytics, so that the result produced is the most reliable for decision making”, shares Pablo Pérez.

Bardasz has developed a platform which connects with other information systems work on the analytical part, a digital tool that allows the company to use its calculation systems and those of other providers in an optimal and transparent manner. Bardasz´s work in the cloud is collaborative, which means that instead of doing software development from scratch, it takes advantage of the components that already exist in the cloud and that have been developed by other companies. “We focus on the quality of information, its governability and sovereignty. Drilling and completion operations are the pillars of Bardasz's business; the plan is to expand into the renewable energy sector in a controlled and intentional manner, based on the best practices on data quality applied in the oil & gas sector”, explains the specialist.

Contribution to the energy sector

Bardasz's objective is to accompany and benefit companies related to the energy sector. To achieve these goals, it seeks to drill oil, gas, lithium, water and geothermal wells. “We participate with initiatives focused on drilling wells. The WITSML standard (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) is the global drilling data transmission standard used by high-caliber companies. We are involved in the direct development of this technology through official regulatory entities such as Energistics, which since 2022 has been part of OSDU under the organization The Open Group”, the director points out.

Through these entities, the company actively participates in the continuous development of technology. It has built the Bardasz Knowledge Lab in Mexico, where it is combined Mexican talent with the participation of different disciplines, such as information technology, networks and connectivity, satellite communications, drilling, geology, petrophysics and petroleum engineering.

This multidisciplinary group absorbs the knowledge accumulated at an international level, which allows it to provide a better service to its clients, mainly PEMEX in Mexico and service companies in other regions of the world. “We facilitate the maximum use of technology and we make sure that the standards are used for the management of information at the operations”, adds Pérez.

Plans for Mexico

For the president of Bardasz, Mexican talent is extremely capable in the area of ​​engineering and technology, and stands out the practical knowledge in handling
software tools; considers that Mexico can achieve a technological development similar to that of great global powers, such as India, Indonesia or China. “Our
corporate in Houston, Texas, has a strong investment in Mexican talent; starting in 2022, Bardasz opens its operations center to serve international clients and
operations from Mexico. We want to continue growing with Mexican talent”, concludes Pablo Pérez.

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