Field personnel need different data for decision making than asset managers, but both need the data to be right and readily available.  We understand the Operations data needs for field personnel all the way to the CEO; we make sure you have the right data to make accurate decisions, quickly. Our team will work with you to first understand your operations and business goals.  Once we understand the big picture, we contemplate the full data life cycle so we can maximize its value at each stage – collection, distribution, exploitation and archiving.

We understand the entire data life-cycle beginning with how it’s acquired to how it is delivered; our solution will be driven by your business needs, not by a specific technology.

Clear-cut Oilfield Reporting

Bardasz specialty is providing a hands on data strategy to help operators make certain their operations data is reliable, discover the hidden value from their data, then delivering it in clear-cut hourly, daily or weekly reports for quick and improved decision making. Our focus is providing operational intelligence in four critical areas of any upstream operation.

Drilling and Completions

Holistic and structured data reporting about well status and drilling performance help you drill better wells, more efficiently. Our solutions enable our customers to have improved control over formation evaluation, lithology, well placement, and all mechanical aspects to guide critical decisions for optimal drilling, completions, and ultimate recovery.

Geological Operations

At Bardasz, we focus on consolidating all technical and operational data as it is generated at the rig site so our customers can have a full record of the well progress. Our solution encompasses all aspects relevant for G&G experts such as: surface gas detection and evaluation, accurate analysis of formation gases, track all facets of the progress of your well, etc.

Rig Operations

Drilling optimization and efficiency involves far more than technical data. Other aspects of the operation such as equipment, inventory and maintenance can have an impact of lost time and misuse of resources. Our solutions enable office and field personnel to record all their technical data in one single place. From personnel onsite, rig inventory, rig issues through BOP and daily transportation, we provide easy access and analysis tools so you can stay on top of your operations and detect and fix real pain points when they occur.