Maximize the value of your crude AND ASSETS

Our experience, spanning reservoir, completion, production, and process engineering disciplines, allows us to thoroughly evaluate your systems using an integrated and holistic approach. For us, this means not only looking at the entire system in the near term but also the total system throughout the life of the asset. The Bardasz team will always look for innovative ways to save time and money and still provide an effective solution. In addition to the services below we provide customized project management and project development.

Production fluids characterization and chemical selection processes

Determine optimum operating levels to reliably meet the Operator’s target criteria.

Oilfield Water Management

We help you determine the best technologies for recovering hydrocarbon value and ensure compliance with overboard discharge regulations, recycling, or reliable downhole disposal.

Onshore and Offshore (fixed platforms, FPSO topsides), Greenfield and Brownfield

We will work with you to understand your goals as well as your challenges, assess operations, make recommendations and partner with you to implement a fit-for-purpose solution

Crude Oil Treating and Desalting

Bardasz will help you select the most robust, reliable and flexible system that will provide economic performance for the life of the asset.

Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Management

We provide solutions for processing this commodity that will optimize production and process it in a way that will increase its value and reduce operational costs.

Gas Treatment

Bardasz will make recommendations for optimized treatment processes to deliver quantifiable results.