The Technology Behind Our Solutions

We develop advanced, fit-for-purpose solutions that enable you to solve complex data challenges, meet your real-time operational needs and regain control of your valuable data.

Our Commitment to Standards

Open Data standards are at the heart of Bardasz’s technology roadmap and we strongly believe they are enablers of innovation. Bardasz has committed several of its most talented technologists to participate in the development of these standards, such as those led by The OpenGroup (OSDU™️) and Energistics (WITSML™️). We are contributing our many years of oilfield operations and data management experience along with technical support to the benefit of our clients and all users of these standards.

Bardasz Approved


Data Management Just Got Easier with our WITSML Client

Collecting, managing, and moving your wellsite data has never been easier when you use our WITS to WITSML conversion tools. At Bardasz, we used the latest industry standards and technology to build WITSML client and server interfaces that give you the functionality and ease of use you need to manage all of your data.

All data collected from WITS and other formats such as Modbus, OPC, or CVS gets converted into the WITSML format. The WITSML standard is a key component to unleashing the power of your data. Our solutions can help you solve complex challenges, meet real-time operational needs, and gain control of your valuable data.

Fast Data Transfer with WITSML ETP

The new WITSML ETP standard has made it possible real time analytics. ETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) drastically increases the speed of data transmissions. Coming soon our WITS to WITSML conversion tools will also transfer the data using WITSML ETP.

Moving the data to or from WITSML store to another WITSML store using WITSML ETP also enhances the user experience for any WITSML viewer. This is because updates for multiple data points can transfer faster and refresh on the WITSML viewer screen faster than without WITSML ETP implemented.

All WITSML Objects are Available

When you work with data in the WITSML format, you may be surprised to learn just how extensive WITSML is. There are very few data types it is not compatible with. Our Octopus WITSML Suite is compatible with all of the WITSML objects.

Talk to our team today to learn more about the WITSML standard and how you can best implement it into your wellsite or enterprise data management strategy.