WITSML and ETP Cloud-Based Subscriptions

WITSML with ETP technology unlocks the potential for high-frequency real-time analytics. Advanced Analytics, such as AI/ML, is meaningless without a good data set. At Bardasz, we strive to provide you with the best possible quality data. Whether we only provide a WITSML subscription or implement a full rig solution including VSAT and well site support, we can deliver fit-for-purpose data solutions so that you can focus on extracting maximum value out of your data.

Quick setup and delivery of a cloud-based Octopus WITSML Server and/or the well site Octopus WITSML Collector is available for download with your subscription. The latest versions i.e., WITSML 2.0 with ETP 1.1 (WITSML 2.1 and ETP 1.2 coming soon) are available and have backward compatibility.