Make Systematic Drilling Optimization Decisions

Bardasz Systematic Monitoring & Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) drilling surveillance solution is designed to prevent undesired events through customized alerts and notifications and provide vital navigational knowledge that helps specialists make decisions in a shorter time at a lower cost.

We provide a 360° analysis of the operations by integrating historical events with real-time events to identify trends and patterns. This solution drives collaboration for effective communication between the field and the office in a timely manner.

Drilling and Completions

Optimizes well design, increases efficiency and decrease non-productive times.

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Alerts, Alarms and Notifications

Prevents deviations to the drilling plan through automated solutions.

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Decreases operational risk and formation damage.

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Controls and tracks the density, rate and pressure of your well in real-time.

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Hydraulic Fracturing

Evaluates the behavior of pressures and fluids throughout the process of fracturing operations.

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Production Testing

Know the behavior of the well-reservoir system in real-time.

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SMART Oilfield Data Management

Data driven decisions are made with efficient and effective analysis of integrated processes in real-time.

The management of large volumes of data generated daily and the need to identify the best areas of interest while reducing undesired operational events make it imperative to use intelligent technologies. With this in mind, Bardasz continuously innovates high-quality flexible solutions that integrate information and technology in real-time.

The interoperability of our tools allows the management of integrated flows, processing, and interpretation of large volumes of data on different platforms to improve the productivity of both work equipment and wells.

We provide data handling of MPD, MWD, and LWD technologies, plus cementing, as well as the issuance of alerts, alarms, and automatic notifications in real-time to prevent undesired events.

Optimize Your Drilling Operations with Wellsite Software

At Bardasz, we provide drilling optimization solutions designed to aid real-time drilling monitoring and decision making. Reliable streaming data of various types and sources continuously being fed into your wellsite and cloud-based software is key to determine your performance and to make the right operational adjustments quickly.

Additionally, ongoing real-time drilling data analysis is critical to give you a clear picture of your overall operations to make consistent decisions that can lower costs, decrease downtime, minimize risks, and boost performance.

Result Driven Software Solutions

We integrate historical events into the wellsite software and cloud-based solutions that provide greater prospective such as warning notifications, and best practice reminders. With customized notifications and alerts, you’ll always be informed of what’s going on with your drilling operations.

You can keep up with the well plan using real-time drilling monitoring or use the drilling optimization tools to complete the well earlier than planned.

Our wellsite software also includes features that monitor and collect data from MPD, cementing, hydraulic fracturing, and production testing.

Real-Time Drilling Data Analysis Is Key

Real-time drilling data analysis by combining historical and real-time data to help you look at the full picture. Managing large amounts of data is made easy with our customized solutions built to meet your business needs.

Our innovative, highly flexible solutions will help you optimize your drilling operations to reduce inefficiencies and increase your productivity. As your needs change, you can count on us to evolve our solutions with the ever changing demands of the industry.