INCREASE environmental efficiency AND cost SAVINGS

As a hydrocarbon producer, the Operator often does not pay close attention to the technology and practices used to manage their oilfield waters. Typically little time is spent on water issues during the field development planning cycle. As a result, this is often a good area to reap efficiency gains and further cost reduction.

The Bardasz team is very experienced with the latest technologies and best practices used to manage all oilfield waters. We guide the operator to adopt a plan that maximizes the ROI on CAPEX investment and reduces OPEX. We also help the operator adopt environmentally effective low cost solutions for solid waste management.

Produced Water

Recover hydrocarbon value and comply with overboard discharge regulations, evaluate reuse options, or meet injection disposal criteria.

Flowback and Completion Fluids

These complex wastewaters must be effectively treated before overboard discharge, recycle, or injection. The technologies chosen are key to low cost operation.

Water Management

When developing unconventional resources, large quantities of water are required for hydraulic fracturing. Substantial quantities of flowback waters are also generated. These fluids require effective storage and logistics infrastructure to cost effectively develop a new field.